qt nokia apps part 1

Starting from January this year, I started to work in mobile development using Nokia Qt SDK. My work primarily to test some new techniques because we already has one lead programmer. During the time, I have created several applications to learn Qt. I primarily worked with Qt C++ and maybe will explore QML in near future. These applications will not be released under the company that I work and if I have time or willingness to finish the basic feature and polish my ‘amateur’ software look, maybe I’ll publish one on Nokia Ovi store.

Someone might wonder why I still work on Qt, after Nokia and Microsoft partnership clearly stated that in the future, Nokia smartphones will use WP7, not current Symbian or Meego. Well, WP7 on Nokia maybe released on 2012, in the meantime, lets have fun with Qt !.


My first work is on Twitter API. The task is to understand twitter oauth and RESTful API. Google and you will find open source library names kQOauth which just what I need to complete the task. After sometime browsing and coding to add list-style view, page transition and embedding webpage, this is what I’ve done.


tweeroo : home, authorise, timeline, tweet


tweeroo : single tweet, retweet, reply and open webpage from tweet.

As a note, Ray Wenderlich is a great iPhone/iOS developer and has a great website http://www.raywenderlich.com/ which contains lots of tutorials on how to make games for iOS using cocos2d engine. Yes, I am learning iOS too :). Check it out.


If I have Nokia N8, this is one utility that I will definitely install. A metronome (as I am learning how to play guitar, a metronome will be very handy). Simple and very useful and easy to make too. use timer to update the needle and then play a tick sound.




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