qt nokia apps part 2

Continue my latest post on qt apps that I wrote, there are more apps that I wrote to test new technique for handling page transition and another one just to have fun because I will install it if I have Nokia N8 (my company has, and if they feel I need it, they will let me abuse it)

Netflix Browser

My lead want me to write new code for page transition. Basically, what we have done is put all pages in a stack and show a page every time we change it. If you see previous part on tweeroo, it has 4 pages for home, timeline, single tweet and web. At the app initialization, all pages are created and then push into a stack. If you get confused by this, imagine putting four sheets of paper as a stack. If we need to show, for instance, timeline, then we move timeline to the top of the stack. Now we want to do another approach : only one page created at a time, no stack, If I want to show timeline page, I will create the page do transition and destroy previous page. Which one is better and efficient in term of memory usage and smooth user experience? I have to do more tests to see it.

Using netflix odata service, one can query movie list easily. And after one and a half day coding withQt and designing the look using Photoshop, this is what I got.






I always fascinated by animation world, name pixar, studio ghibli and many others who created great and amazing animation in 2D or 3D. I want to learn, but my art sense is below average. Regardless, I felt it would be nice if I have simple animation creator on Nokia smartphone. So I wrote Anima (short for animation, of course).



Anima is simple app where you can draw and then move to next frame and draw again, and then when you have enough frames, you can play your frames. Honestly, I thought paper and pencil is a great way to start learning animation. But we are living in digital age, or so they say, and I want to learn Qt, remember?


anima : empty frame and onion skinning mode

Currently, save only for one document, so it will overwrite the old one, I need to create page and then do transition if I want to make document list, because using Qt file dialog will ruin the experience. Anima also has onion skinning mode, which let you see previous image so you have guide for current frame drawing. It only has one simple pen with black color. Currently Anima cannot create video, I still need to explore how to create video using Qt.

I have plan to make Anima into full featured application with more features such as layers, color, brush,  create video and also upload video into youtube.


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