QuteSound – SoundCloud client for symbian

After finished my work targets on one symbian^3 app, I start looking for something interesting to make. I just need to waste my time. Long ago, my friend suggested me to make simple SoundCloud client. According to Wikipedia, SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform which allows musicians to collaborate, promote and distribute their music. In my opinion, SoundCloud is like twitter, but instead typing 140 characters, you submit your sounds. I called my app QuteSound and with my limited set of design skills, I managed to make a logo using Photoshop.

qutesound logo

qutesound logo

The app is still a work on progress. I use nice Qt examples RestaurantApp as design template so I need to change it to something original mine (If you have any design that you want to share, please contact me). As the proof of concept, I only implement 2 features: record – upload and get 20 latest tracks. It working well, I think, and I will add more features when I have time.

login pages

login pages

application pages - tracks, record and profile

application pages - tracks, record and profile

At current state, I downloaded whole mp3 file then play it using Qt phonon library. Documentation said phonon capable of streaming media. That will be my to do list. And yes, SoundCloud API generously provided waveform image for every tracks as shown above.


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